Content Marketing Strategy in 2016

With Inbound Marketing, Businesses today whether big or small and webmasters/content strategist are constantly thriving new ways of content marketing to establish and enhance their web and social presence to reach their customers and increase sales, for achieving this a planned content marketing strategy is the most reliable tool.  Businesses who are new to the digital marketing often ask me, what is content marketing? How to do content marketing? What is content marketing strategy? Hang on to this post, it is for all the curious business people who want to know the knick of content marketing and how they can benefit, generate leads and sales from it.  A number of blog post and articles have been written on content strategy/content marketing plan. Without taking much time we shall straight away come to the point and understand how we can simply and quickly apply content marketing services for your business?

What is Content Marketing?

As per the definition Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action with the help of a website content writer.

Content Marketing Strategy in 2017

The whole purpose of SEO content writing content is a meaningful interaction with your buyers, customers, prospective seeking information about your goods & services. Before having a content marketing strategy first make yourself clear about certain things. What is the purpose of writing content? Inform my target audiences about my existing or new product & services, update my present customers about recent changes in the company product list or make an announcement of future plans of your company. Hire content writers or hire a writer (ghostwriter) who understands SEO content writing


Time is money and vice versa. Once you have shortlisted your goals and a professional content writer, fix a time frame for the planning, implementation, execution and measurement of your content marketing strategy. Make a precise and decisive plan and share them with your team. Assign the role of each team member with a time limit. This creates accountability for the task assigned.

Content Research

Understanding the market trend and knowing exactly what your customers or buyers need is very important for a successful content marketing plan. Collect market data from reliable sources it may be your internal or external industry data, evaluate it and apply to your online content process. Market research will keep you focused on your business goals and get accurate marketing results.

Content Marketing Strategy Execution

After you have done all the hard work now it’s the time to execute your content marketing plan with the dedicated efforts of all the team members involved.  Check your content; always put emphasis on the customer first. Your content must focus on what your customers want their requirements and need. Address to all the details in a minute and answer them in your content. Always remember your content will not be accepted unless you are not targeting the expectations of your customers.

Content Distribution

Now you have a carefully crafted content ready exclusively tailor-made as per your customer and market requirement. Now distribute it through all the possible mediums so that it reaches your audiences. There are both free and paid mediums to viral your content so that it reaches your potential customers. Your content marketing strategy is ineffective unless it reaches its target audiences. Along with publishing the content on your website distribute your content across all your social media platforms, send emails, press releases, submit it to blogs etc. The more the circulation of your content the more web traffic will be directed to your website.


As your content successfully reaches your potential target audiences through all the efforts as mentioned above. The next step is to make an analysis and measurement of the data of visitors visiting your website or contact you directly. These important data are the vital rewards of your content marketing efforts. The sales team now takes over from here and evaluates and takes measurable action to convert the leads into successful sales and customer acquisition.


Content marketing is surely rewarding. It requires some patience and strategic planning. You timing of content should be planned as per the market sentiments. For example, make your content for woollen garments ready at least one month prior to the onset of the winter season. Google also emphasis on quality content and awards higher ranking to websites who provide useful and beneficial information to its visitors. If you are not very good at content writing employ or hire professional writers, freelancers or digital marketing agency to get the job done. It is a worthy investment with sure Return on Investments (ROI).

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Why my business should go for digital marketing?

Why my business should go for digital marketing?

As a digital marketing or online marketing person often businesses new to this platform ask me this question why my business should go for digital marketing? Why should we go digital? The answer is Digital media / advertising is changing the whole perspective of sales and marketing process as we used to think back some years ago. With the advent of modern technologies virtual connectivity is instant and results are viral. I can connect A person from one place to B, C, D the list goes on virtually in real-time at nominal cost. As per the KPCB survey report India is now #2 global internet user surpassing USA and is one place behind China.  Ever since the mobile phone revolution has taken over India and with the reduction of data charges by telecom service providers has effectively helped India to gain this #2 spot. There has been a spurge of e commerce transaction.

What is e commerce?

In one line we can explain what is e commerce? Its simplest definition is commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet. Due to the above surge of internet user base e-commerce business in India has grown many folds. All size of businesses whether big or small are taking advantages of e commerce.

Types of e commerce?

There are broadly 6 types of e commerce (this we shall discuss in detail in my next blog post)

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B).
  • Business-to-Administration (B2A)
  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

Online media through its various platforms it may be social networking apps such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, Whatsapp and many more. You can use an effective email marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business. Why not use these platforms for net marketing. The shopping trend is changing now; online shopping is the new mantra in 2016 and in future. So if you don’t have a digital media presence you will lose a significant business.

Digital Marketing Strategies

digital marketing strategies

digital marketing strategies

All business whether small, medium or big have realized the importance and advantages of online marketing and have their sales & marketing team working on online / digital marketing strategies and tactics. There is an e market waiting for you to explore and capture. To prove this point one good example to prove the power of e marketing its influence on Tourism industry and a good online marketing strategies example. As per the article published in Hindustan Times on 25/09/2016 online travel reading influenced 47% Indians vacations destinations. Now this is a big data on the changing trend of travellers looking for their travel options as it was earlier hugely by word of mouth or discount coupon offered. It was as per a survey of more than 8,000 people from across 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  The Skyscanner survey revealed one in four people surveyed were inspired by the digital media. Such as travellers reviews posted, city tour guides, photo / images / scenery galleries, travel highlights / features related blog post or articles. 30% people said they found travel tips from online travel or tourism linked post, where as 15% said these media got them valuable deals and discounts on their flight and hotels bookings.

So even though you are a small business, I always focus my blog post to encourage small and medium size businesses to have their online presence. I regularly reveal and update online marketing strategies for small business. Take a look at interesting info graphics to prove this point. The below data proves the surge of digital devices shipped to India. There is a constant increase in a year on year basis the shipment of mobile handsets in India. More and more people daily are using these mobile devices for getting their daily work done. They either engage through calling, sending and receiving messages, chats, emails or doing online shopping


At the end the main motto of any business is to make profits. Profits are derived not purely by saving on cost but by generating sales. Your sales and marketing plan or strategies has to complement each other to reach this goal. So you have to go with the latest trends or changes by which your customers or target audiences are shifting. Going digital is not choice but need of the hour. If you find it difficult to manage the digital marketing on your own. Hire the services of a consultant or digital agency. Dont treat it as an expense it an investment in your business.

Reliance jio effect on digital marketing

Reliance Jio Free Voice Call and Cheap Data offer

Recently with the announcement of Reliance jio mega free voice calls forever and data at just the 5 paise per MB has brought a revolution in the digital marketing space of India. We shall see the Reliance Jio effect on digital marketing. According to digital marketing experts, this announcement will see a certain Surge in digital ad spending by corporates as it is a Win-Win win situation for both the stakeholders. Marketers, on one hand, will get better marketing space with the Surge of mobile base growth of customers and customers, on the other hand, will get a free call and cheaper data.

Traditional Indian advertisement was mainly on television and hoardings now with the Reliance jio announcements of free voice calls and cheap data we have one more avenue open in the digital space. More people are now looking towards accessing data through the internet in all corners of India. More villages and tier II and III cities can now enjoy these services. For digital marketers it means new markets to tap and make their presence. Corporates, on the other hand, will have to change their strategy and planning to market their goods and services which were not earlier easily accessible. The target customers to cater will be the youth of the country who are spending their most of time on smartphones. E-commerce sites such as Flipchart, Snap deal, Amazon etc. are seeing this as a great opportunity to increase their market presence. For customers, they can in return get better quality products, discounts, services and faster delivery.

Mobile Subscribers in India

According to ASSOCHAM India, the Internet of things (IoT) is changing the way we live and communicate as per the reports, India has the largest youth population based on UN report in November 2014 with 356 million 10 to 24 years old. India has the world’s largest population this has contributed to the tremendous growth of digital media further India has crossed the 1billion mobile phone connections as per the report of KPMG & The Associated Chambers of Commerce (ASSOCHAM), India report over 5 lakh villages have been covered with digital connectivity. India has the lowest call rate in the world. There has been a significant private sector investment in telecom infrastructure worth 8,00,000 crores. All these factors are favouring the growth of digital media. In India according to TRAI 2016 report of mobile subscribers with present mobile subscriber’s base of 1010 Million in 2015, they are expected to increase by 1213 in 2020. Among them, mobile data subscribers will form 64 per cent of the total subscriber base as compared to 29 per cent in 2015. The Internet subscriber’s reports show a rapid increase in mobile data adoption form 325 Million to 669 Million in 2019 as per TRAI 2016 report.


Considering the above data we can say that there will be huge scope for the digital marketers in India. With the Reliance jio effect, we can see the huge slash in data rates from other cellular service providers who will soon join this race to hold their market position. With the advent of new technology and reducing rates, consumers are going to benefit from this digital revolution.

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