Online Sales Generation Guide

How to convert leads to sales?

Online Sales generation guide every digital marketer is looking for. It is every corporate prime goal.

Sales organization are trying to leave no stone behind to conquer the potential sales prospects through leads generated from various sources. 

online sales generation strategy

Sales Strategy

Corporates have to carefully analyze and scrutiny all the leads generated.

digital marketing services in goregaon

digital marketing services

I will share with you some effective sales generation process to follow in 2018. With proper Lead Management strategy, given below are some basic steps to follow for effective results.

Filter your leads

Your sales team has to filter all the leads generated by various sources.

It can be both online and offline but every Lead has to be checked carefully to get maximum closures.  The team should analyze and understand that all leads are not equally important. 

A systematic ranking process has to be made so that you can target the leads with the maximum prospects of closure. 

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Sales strategy 

Your sales team has to devote their time and efforts for qualified leads. The other prospective leads had to be nurtured and closed in the future depending on their assessment.

Local Marketing

There is a bigger target audience at a local level and ensure to spend some time in understanding the regional pattern.

How your prospective clients share their content or do shopping. Lead generation is an ongoing process.

The sales team has to know the process followed in the past to generate the leads to determine the best process.

The above process applies to both local & international markets.

Cost and Time involved in lead processing

The sales team has to work on priority basis assigning the leads according to their merits.

Departmental budgetary resources should be allocated with proper planning, research and management of your sales force

Lead Assistance

In lead assistance, prospects visit your website for various reasons such as getting information about the product & service or educating. Here comes the role of the sales team in guiding people not purely from the point of view of making the sales.

These potential visitors in the future may turn out to be your customers this is the best way to nurture your leads.

Such type of leads validation can help you to convert them into sales. Who are not willing to buy presently but intending to get any information and may purchase your goods or services in future. 

One of the major myth with marketers is that all these types of leads may turn into sales.

But one has to evaluate them and all such leads may not turn into sales and hence they have to save their valuable resources.

Referrals Management

Referrals are the lifeline of any business. It is one of the sources of a positive conversion compared to cold leads. 

The sales team should give equal importance to the opportunity. Arising from referrals of past existing clients and their business networks.

Advocate and practice great customer service

A good customer service is the lifeline of any business. 

Customer service is a major source of generating future sales.   A company with a good after Sales Service is regarded with high rankings in the industry and with their clients.

Therefore utmost care must be taken for the client servicing.  These happy and satisfied clients may refer you to others prospects in the industry.  

They will be your goodwill ambassadors in present and future. 

Sometimes it pays well to the sales team if they go out of the scope to service their clients it may be by anyway.

For example, the use of the product, technical know-how, or enquiring market-related information.

The given above face are some examples of how small and medium-sized businesses can leverage their digital marketing efforts.

Without any additional cost, they can focus on their regular business. Generate the maximum results from online leads.

The above process does not involve the use of expensive Technologies all apps they can do it at minimal cost.

Given below is a checklist of a few things by which you can have a greater impact on the digital marketing strategy.

Make optimized website

Do some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) get your website listed in Google, Bing and other major search engines.


Create a social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Have a dedicated email account for your sales leads with a dedicated telephone number for receiving queries.

Create a regular blog post also know that all your content writing should not be clear from the point of view of making sales.

You should write contents to educate inform and make aware your website visitors of the latest development in your industry. 

This is the best way to be in contact and keep your visitors engaged with your company.

The whole idea is to keep them returning to your website for any information, knowledge or Support.
If you have a decent budget then you can think of hiring a full-time digital marketing agency or consultant.

To help you in achieving your goals. Digital marketers have specialized knowledge in the domain and their services are invaluable.

Today it is not technically feasible for your sales team to reach each and every one of your potential prospects in different parts of the world. Through your vibrant website and online presence, you can reach out to your prospects easily. 

So make a responsive website, social profile and good content to make a way you are clients about your products and services.


If you have not started your digital marketing presence it is the right time now. 

Take the first step in this regard if you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of digital marketing.

You can take the help of your friends, relatives or Digital marketer in this regard.

Your digital marketing efforts will surely have a greater impact on your total sales effort. 

If you want further details or discuss your company’s online / internet marketing strategy, please feel free to call us at +91-8879181833 or write us at


Different types of mobile marketing

Mobile is an important tool for marketing your product and services. Today, almost everyone is having a mobile handset or smartphone. So, it becomes logical for the digital marketers to have a strategy in place in 2018 for mobile marketing. There are many types of mobile marketing and we shall explore them in depth to get the best out of these latest mobile marketing tool.

The different types of mobile marketing are:

SMS marketing
MMS marketing
Push notifications
App-based marketing
In-game mobile marketing
Location-based marketing
Mobile search ads
QR codes
Mobile image

First, let us understand what is mobile marketing and how does it work?

Mobile marketing or M marketing to put in simple words is the marketing of goods and services to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPods and much more. It is an important type of digital marketing strategy There are different types of mobile marketing strategy as discussed in detail below. Through mobile marketing, you can effectively market your goods or services. Mobile marketing can reach the customers with the time and location sensitive information of customer’s behavior regarding its products. Today mobile marketing has emerged one of the biggest platforms where your consumers spend most of the time on mobile devices.  If your company does not have any properly planned mobile marketing strategy for 2016 then you are sent to lose a big potential market share that can be generated from mobile marketing trends taking place now. Mobiles are widely used as a global payment model as per data reports are shown below:

total revenue of global mobile payment market 2015 to 2019

global mobile payment market

Data Source: Statista

As per the reports, there has been a great change in the mobile usage as compared to desktop and this means of customers are using mobile platform for doing online shopping. It is also estimated that the search queries to surpass the desktop. There is a year on year increase in the number of mobile devices shipped to India as per reports.

types of mobile marketing

types of mobile marketing

Do I need mobile marketing?

The answer is simple and straightforward yes! The data are shown above today the Shoppers prefer online shopping through their mobile devices.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

There are many advantages of mobile marketing today as given below

  • Large audience base – as many of your prospects are mobile today, you have a larger potential customer base to target.
  • Low Cost – The cost of mobile marketing is much lower as compared to other digital mediums such as print or television. There are many types of mobile media you can use to promote your goods or services. The major types of mobile media widely used are SMS, In-App advertisements, mobile-friendly website ads etc.
  • Easy tracking – Due to the advancement of app-based mobile advertising the tracking and performance of your mobile advertising campaign is
  • very easy now. You get complete analytics of the data such as impressions, click through rate, call to actions, demographics of your audiences and much more.
  • Quick Response – As the recipients of your mobile ads always are near to their smartphones or mobile devices the response is quick enough. Either some actions will be taken on your advertisement or it will be rejected.

Let us take a look at some interesting statistics on mobile spend in the United States of America in 2017

mobile share of digital ad spend US 2017

mobile share of digital ad spend US 2017

The above report is witnessing a sharp rise in moble advertising share of total digital advertisement expenditure in the U.S. from 2011 to 2017.

So how can I do mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing in India and all over the world can be done by placing different types of advertisements on mobile smartphones & tablets it may come in your header, footer, YouTube videos or as a pop up also. There are also different types of mobile marketing software’s available today.

It is absolutely clear that the mobile industry is clearly changing the game the way audiences today are engaging with their brands and products. People are opting to do all their daily works through mobile devices such as listening music; writing emails watching movies, Web browsing and much more. It is very important to engage your customers with their mobile devices.
In the US alone more and more people almost 60% are using mobile as the main source of using the Internet.

As per KPCB Internet Trends report 2016 the Indian mobile subscriber base is crossed 227MM in 2015 with a year on year increase of 33%.

Types of Mobile Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing it is one of the oldest forms of mobile marketing in this you send messages using phone numbers of your potential buyers.

MMS Marketing

Multimedia messaging service (MMS) it’s one of the oldest forms of mobile marketing. In this mobile media marketing is done by sending a timed slideshow of images, text, audio, and video. in this form, you can send both mobiles terminated and receive mobile originated rich content through MMS A2P person to person.

Push notifications

Push notifications are another important mobile marketing tool. It helps brands to communicate those messages to the potential buyers in a simple and effective way. This method is cheaper compared to SMS marketing if used for a longer period but for short-term it may be expensive.

App-based marketing

Today it is a known fact that people daily engage with their mobile apps. Daily huge number of apps is being downloaded on mobile devices. The most popular and market leader is Google app store. As per the reports, it is clear that Android smartphones are the winner.  As far as the download of the mobile app is concerned. This gives us great potential for direct engagement and targeting the right customers and generating revenue. One another successful example of Mobile app based marketing is Facebook. Facebook mobile promoted ad post is integrated so seamlessly with their feeds is that it is difficult to recognize them as any kind of distractions.

In-game mobile marketing

All types of age group people like to play games on their mobile devices. The huge success of Pokémon Go is the latest example.  This is a significant platform to engage with our target audience directly. Different types of advertisements can be displayed while playing the game such as banner pop up image advertisement video ads at the beginning in between or at the end of the game.

Location-based marketing

Marketing messages are sent to the website visitors depending on the geographical presence of the people. For example, a pizza outlet based in South Mumbai may wish to put ads for that specific location only and need not market the whole of Mumbai region.

Search Advertising

These are given as extra add-on extensions such as click2call; search advertising mainly used by the search engines such Google, Microsoft and MSN etc.

QR codes

QR codes are mainly used for Mobile gaming sites. QR codes are scanned by the users through their mobile camera and are taken to the site at which the QR code is linked.

Mobile image

Images are used as an important tool of mobile marketing, advertisements are placed at different places on the website such as header footer or as a pop-up of images.

Objective of mobile marketing

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the different types of mobile marketing. Once your organizations are fully convinced with the adoption of a long-term mobile marketing strategy. The management has to clearly define the objectives they want to accomplish from mobile marketing.

It may be any one of the followings:

  • New lead generation
  • Customer retention
  • Detailed information on the goods and services of the company
  • Future plans and product launches
  • Brand engagement
Mobile marketing strategy

Many digital marketers must clearly understand the difference and approach towards marketing on a desktop website and mobile website.

First, both the URLs of desktop and mobile should be same.

Second, the links to all your social media platforms should be easily visible on both sites.

Third, the website design should be responsive on both desktop and mobile.

The more simple and less complicated the layout of your website is the more it will be user-friendly. There is special mobile SEO company who are specialized in this segment.


From the above discussion, it is clear that smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. People are spending most of their time on mobile handsets it may be making calls, messaging, chatting on social media, sending email, surfing the internet or doing online shopping. Digital marketers need to have a mobile media marketing strategy in their sales plans and to retain and increase their customer base. There are both pros and cons of mobile marketing, which I shall discuss in later posts. For now, if we look at the bigger picture there are surely more benefits of mobile marketing. If you want to share any views on mobile marketing, do share with us and we shall include on our blog.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing in 2018

Social Media Marketing is an art of nurturing social traffic through various social media platforms. The goal is to attract attention, visibility, make a presence and drive website traffic and ultimately nurture leads, convert them into sales and generate revenue for your company. 

If you know how to plan and execute your social media plan or else take the services of social media marketing agency Mumbai.

Take a look at the statistics from Statista on the growing number of social media users in India with estimates till 2021.

Growing number of social media users in India

Social Media users in India

As per the data statistics above, we can clearly witness the growing number of social media users and its popularity in India. Social media agencies in Mumbai have to fully focus on the growing channel to tap prospects for their clients.

Social Media marketing is a process to make your product and brand value reach your audiences, buyers or prospective customers.

In this series of blog post, we shall dive in through the latest social media trends 2018 to follow for achieving the social media goals of your organization in 2018.

So, let’s start with it.

Today, everyone is almost aware and familiar with “what is social media?”

In simple words it is a form of online or electronic communication of websites and social media platforms to enable its users to create, write, share opinions,  feedback and participate through social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

India digital Population as on Jan 2017

India Digital Population

Social Media Strategy in 2018

There has been a splurge of social media sites in the market today. All of them have their own pros and cons. Yet, they have their individual subscriber’s base. Social marketing is a core department of digital marketing services. Social media companies in Mumbai are now giving due attention to marketing and promoting clients product and services.

To get the list of social media agencies in Mumbai just search in Google search box and you will get a list of top suggestions.

Social Media the biggest influence

As per reports and data, Social Media is one of the major influencers in shopping and buying related decisions.

Through Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other opinions and views are frankly expressed and shared. As per the report shared below above 22000 plus across 5 continents and 25 countries some interesting facts are shared on the influence of social media on your online shopping behaviour.

social media shopping influence 2017

social media shopping influence

Have a social media marketing Plan

All your marketing activity starts off with a planning process. Have a social media optimization plan designed, prepared and well defined by best digital agencies in Mumbai with the goals that your company wants to achieve with this digital media marketing.

Your corporate goals should be well focused, targeted and measurable.

Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp are the top 3 leaders

You must know at which social media platforms your prospects are and the popular among them.

As per the data from Statista, it is clear that Facebook is the centre of all your social media marketing plan and strategy.



Digital advertising agencies in Mumbai often fail to clearly understand how to do social media management Mumbai or to draft a clear social media marketing strategy with social media analytics. In this post, we shall discuss some free tips on how to use this social media marketing tools to derive maximum results from your social media campaign and get the best return on investments (ROI) in this internet marketing service.

In your social media marketing campaign clearly define:

Who are your target audiences?

What is their demographics?

What are their regional preferences?

What is their income group?

What are their problems?

In your campaign ask for solutions?

The whole purpose of above exercise is to generate maximum audience engagement. It should not be only a one-sided communication.

In social media marketing, your major stakeholder is your audience, prospect or customer. How can there be a social media strategy ignoring their voices, views or opinion?

I suggest marketers, always first, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Ask these questions to yourself first before hitting your campaign to the market:

Why should I buy the product or service?

What product features I want?

Who are the other competitors in the market?

What are the price comparisons?

How much appealing is the advertising campaign?

Does the product or service is as per my requirement?

What discount and offer are offered?

What is the presales Support?

What is the post-sales policy?

What are installation charges, if any?

What is the warranty or guarantee offered?

What are the quality standards of the product or service?

I know all these above questions are a bit of exercise, but trust me, if you comply with most of the above questions by asking them to yourself. There are good chances of getting better ROI on your campaign investments. A good idea is to make a questionnaire of these questions and ask for staff or team to submit an unbiased feedback.

different types of social media platforms

social media platforms

What should be taken care of while planning your social media campaign?

Before getting into the best practices or rules for social media strategy, all businesses should comply with all these given below minimum criteria:

  1. Have a Website
  2. Open at least 2 accounts with popular social media platforms (Example Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.)
  3. Have an email list

The reason is very simple, the customer can contact your or view and analyze your product or services.

Know where your target audiences are on Social Media

Before starting the social media campaign the digital marketers and businesses must know where the target audiences are spending their time. There are many social media sites, from the marketing strategy you have to target specific sites. Given below is a study of some popular social media sites, based on a survey of 454 digital marketers across 8 countries.

Top social networks of advertisers

Top social networks of advertisers

In all your social media platforms there must be a clear CTA Button Call-to-Action.

Given below are some effective rules or advice for a good social media campaign

Rule # 1

Always remember people on social media platforms such as snap chat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter come to connect with their peers and groups. So you have to respect their privacy.

Rule # 2

Don’t be a hard seller. People are not interested in another salesman knocking at their social media site. They want to relax, enjoy and have a cool time with their groups or friends.

Try a smarter marketing approach, use “indirect selling” policy.

If you are unable to devote time personally, hire the services of a professional social media marketing agency.

Rule # 3

As said above Indirect selling comes handy at social media sites to grab the attention of your product or services. The whole purpose or agenda of various social platforms is to connect.

You have to connect with your target audiences using indirect selling approach. The example of it is Tupperware videos. In their unique sales and marketing strategy, housewives have uploaded their YouTube videos with their benefits and experiences.

People want to see real people, real-life examples of end users, ultimately consuming your product or services.

Rule # 4

Tell your brand journey story

In your promotion articles, use “storytelling” tool.

Narrate your brand journey in a storytelling mode.

  1. When was the company formed?
  2. Main Purpose of starting the company?
  3. Promoters who floated the company?
  4. The number of successful years completed!
  5. Achievement and success story
  6. Experiences of loyal customers
  7. How long your loyal customers have been around?

Remember there are so many other brands and your competitors around and you have to be really distinct from others in your marketing strategy. If you are unable to write posts, hire the services of a website content writer. Various quality social media marketing services are offered today for writing articles for website promotion.

Growth with social media marketing tools

Social Media Strategy

Rule # 5

Be in constant contact with your audiences

Once you have identified your targeted social media platforms and where your target audiences are.   Take a practical example of a local boutique and a courier company. Both are distinct businesses. If the courier company promotes itself on the Pinterest platform, it will be a waste of resources and get a negative ROI.  In contrast, the Pinterest would be an ideal platform the local boutique to connect with their customers.

The next step is to be in constant contact with them.

Regularly write, post, comment on all the latest trends and updates of your brand, product & services. It applies to all B2B and B2C.

Rule # 6

Mobile Responsiveness

All the major social media accounts are today accessed by users by their smartphones. The digital marketers have to draft their social media campaign with mobile first on their mind. The images should be optimized as per the specifications given by the social media channels.

There is an urgent need for optimizing your website and social media accounts and to leverage the location to deliver more effective and relevant your social media advertisements.

Rule # 7

Videos for Social Media Marketing

All the major social media platforms are adopting a video-first policy or vlogging for their advertising along with features like “live streaming” and “stories”. Video has a major impact on the minds of the viewer and they remember them for more time as compared to blog posts and images.

Rule # 8

The timing of Social Media Campaign

The timing of your social media campaigns is a decisive factor an important online marketing strategy. For particular brands, certain time period or season is a make or break situation. For example, AC – Air Condition manufacturers.

As per news reports from Business Standard, AC manufacturer Blue Star, just before the onset of summer season hiked their digital marketing budget to almost 10% of the company’s total advertising and social media budget from roughly 2% earlier.

Another good example is our prime minister success with social media during election time. As per news report in The Times of India, taking inspiration from the success of social media campaign of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. In UP alone the BJP used around 11,000 Whatsapp groups to connect with the voters in their constituency.

 The JS(S) state president Mr.H.D.Kumaraswamy launched a “social media barrage” to engage and interact with voters online ahead of 2018 assembly elections.

Rule # 9

Use of Wearables Media

As per data study reports from IDC, there has been a splurge in the wearable devices market in India. As per reports (see image below), there was a stringent growth of 41.9 per cent in Q2 2016 over the first quarter of 2016. Further, as per IDC Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, the total shipment in Q2 2016 reached over 567,000 units of which the basic Wearables, defined as Wearables which can’t run third-party applications, contributed nearly 94 per cent.

Market share of wearable devices in India

Wearable devices

As per the data reports from above, it is clear that the usage of wearable devices is gaining momentum. Online marketers should gear up for this emerging media segment.

Though the wearable devices segment is new in India, internet marketers need to adapt to it at the earliest. The strength of these devices lies in their ability to measure and monitor their users.  Advertisers and social marketers can have a better understanding of their customer behaviour and deliver a best social media campaign. Social media consultant or experts need to fully apply the physiological and behavioural data collected from wearable devices.

Rule # 10

Social Media Analytics or Data analysis

In India, data are not used, applied, analyzed or monitored as is done in many developed markets. Social media monitoring is the essence of social media for business. There are many factors behind that.

  1. Availability
  2. Reliability
  3. Source
  4. The habit of digital marketers/entrepreneur’s in exploring data
  5. Lack of local micro level market data

The benefit of data analysis should not be restricted to big corporate houses. Even Mid and Small sized businesses should take benefit of the available data. Analyze it and apply to their respective businesses.

One of the latest examples of usage of data analysis is by OLX.

OLX recently has come up with its campaign across all digital media called “6 months Break-up Challenge”.

They intelligently applied the research data based on the insights gathered from CRUST (Consumer Research on Used-Goods and Selling Trends) conducted by leading research firm IMRB, OLX’s annual consumer survey to understand user behaviour towards used goods and other consumer trends.

As per the reports, Indians are stocking unused goods to the tune of ₹ 78,300 Crores in their homes. The survey had also revealed that 37% of the respondents cite the age-old excuse of ‘I’ll use it one day’ as their top reason for stocking used items.

Rule # 11

Use Hashtags #

It is often found that digital marketers ignore the importance and benefits of using hashtags in their social media post. It is a kind of online library in which your content is categorized with hashtags.

It is a system of labelling, finding, updating your social media updates. Hashtags are created by users with the common interest, subject or theme which in turn ultimately helps in engaging with the post, images, tweets across social media platforms.

It is like targeting directly to your interested groups.

It is used by adding symbol “#” to a word or before a word without any space. This makes it easier to discover the information with a theme or targeted content. It is like a keyword to finding content.

What are the SEO benefits of using the hashtag (#)?

There are also SEO benefits of using the hashtag, so when you add a hashtag to your post, it is indexed by the social network and available for search to its users. In real time all the search results relevant to that hashtag is available when somebody clicks on that particular hashtag.

Why should I use Hashtags?

By incorporating a hashtag in all your social media campaigns, you get more visibility of your product and services to new prospects

Hashtags are an important SEO strategy for your business

With hashtags, you can also monitor and watch your competitor

For product or services having common theme or interest, hashtags are a better medium to connect and engage with users of social media.

How to use Hashtags?

The rule is simple capitalization does not matter in hashtags. The hashtag has to be one word. For example,

#SociaMediaCampaign and #socialmediacampaign word query will give you’re the same search result.

What are the best practices for using Hashtags?

First, do not overuse hashtags, limit them to maximum 2 or 3 each post or update.

Second, always capitalize the first letter of each word i.e. #SocialMarketingTools. It is now easier to distinguish every word so that it can be read easily.

How to find hashtag online:

Given below is a list of trending and popular hashtags:

How to find hashtags?

It is very easy to find a hashtag. Open any of your social media accounts. For example, go to Twitter, log into your account and in the search box type # followed by the word you want to search. You will get a list of all hashtags.

Rule # 12


As well said honesty is the best policy. Never overrate or show features that your product or services don’t have. Just to be better off your competitor don’t portray the picture which you are not. If you don’t have a specific feature that your competitor has, tell honestly your prospects about it and instead reveal them the benefits your or services has over your competitors.

In your post and updates, you can inform your clients the coming up features of your product or services. Your audience will appreciate your honesty and will increase the brand value of your organization.

Rule # 13

Update your Social Pages

It is generally seen entrepreneurs have a lazy approach updating their company profile page. If a prospect is visiting your company page and is unable to find the desired information. Then it is a bad experience and you lose business.

Ensure your company pages is regularly updated with new products, upgrades, future projects and launches, change in address, the opening of a new branch etc.

The more information you provide will have a good customer experience and impression.


So, what is your social media marketing strategy in 2018?

Kindly, share your experiences with our readers for some interesting facts on your social media experiences. Social media is ever-changing and evolving with new tools and technologies. Digital marketers need to upgrade and keep a watch on new emerging trends. The more aware you are the better you standoff in the competition.

If you want further details or discuss your social media marketing strategy, please feel free to call us at +91-8879181833 or write us at We are also among the most preferred digital marketing companies in Mumbai for planning, implementing and executing social media marketing strategy and marketing campaigns.

We are also among the most preferred digital marketing companies in Mumbai for planning, implementing and executing social media marketing strategy and marketing campaigns.

365 digital marketing is a social media marketing companies in Mumbai offering digital marketing agency services such as email marketing, content writing, social media marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc. in India (Navi Mumbai, Thane Mira Road, Vasai-Virar).

We are also offering E-commerce SEO, Social Media Marketing and SEO services in Mumbai, US, UK, Australia, UAE and other countries.


Online Lead Generation

In today’s blog post we shall explain in detail

What is online lead generation?

What are online lead generation techniques in 2018?

The effective online lead generation tools for 2018?

Before we start our blog post on online lead generation, let us take a look some statistical data reports released by India Brand and Equity Foundation (IBEF).

As per their reports released on 25th of January 2018, Digital ad industry to grow 32% approximately Rs 18,986 crore by 2020.

Thanks to the smartphone market penetration in India. This gives the digital marketers and immense opportunity to run online campaigns to generate online leads in 2018.

Let’s start with some basic concepts for the online lead generation.

What is Lead Generation?

In marketing, the definition of the lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest in an inquiry into the goods and services of a company. Lead generation can be generated in many ways traditional and digital methods. Traditional methods include hoardings, banners, radio, and television. The new revolution in digital age includes various digital platforms such as print, mobile, through the internet and social media. The prime reason for all B2C and B2B lead generation is to improve the sales numbers.
Today, as compared to traditional sources there are many ways for generating leads such as digital marketing, it includes social media  (Linkedin, Facebook, G+ etc.) telemarketing, email marketing etc.  As compared to traditional marketing today we have more avenues to reach our potential customers these resources have opened a new scenario for lead generation

Why go online for Lead Generation?

There are a number of surveys done in 2015 which shows 89% of the respondents has said email is the most effective mode for lead generation and secondly followed by content marketing search engine and other direct events. As said above social media today as playing an important role in direct marketing to reach your potential prospects. Among them, LinkedIn is a very successful strategy which can give you the desired leads. With systematic planning, research and historical data analysis one can apply the successful LinkedIn strategy. Since when LinkedIn has become available in 2011 for the social and business networking platform it has grown insubstantial professional display and reach the platform.
Traditionally LinkedIn was regarded as a platform just uploading your resume and finding better jobs but now the scenario is changed more B2B leads are coming from this channel. nurturing them through your corporate sales funnel process, you have more prospects of growing your business. It is easier to reach out corporates, professionals and do networking for yourself and your company. As per reports, many marketing plans have been successful simply by using the LinkedIn platform.
Given below are some useful tips to write/improve your LinkedIn profile

  • Have a personalized professional profile batch
  • Be active in networking with B2B
  • Optimize your anchor title
  • Post your achievements
  • Personalize your URL
  • Use infographics in your profile.

There are many ways startups can make lead generation easily by applying the following simple rules in addition to discussed above. There are other avenues available for lead generation such as CPM (Cost per Mile), in this model advertisers charge for the impression. CPC (Cost per Click) here advertises charged only when prospects click on the advertisement. CPA  (Cost per Action)  by charging only by the lead. All these models we shall discuss in detail in my next post. Other popular digital methods of methods of lead generation for SEO – Search Engine Optimization, online banners, surveys, email flyers, scion social media ads etc.


It can be said that today lead generation is possible in both traditional and digital models. We have to find a balance of both so that we can get the desired results. Today social media is playing an important role in this regard. There are both free and paid sources by which companies can achieve desired presence and reach their potential customers.  So, what are you waiting for, explore these digital platforms for generating marketing and sales leads?

If you want further details or discuss your company’s online / internet marketing strategy, please feel free to call us at +91-8879181833 or write us at