Reliance jio effect on digital marketing

Reliance Jio Free Voice Call and Cheap Data offer

Recently with the announcement of Reliance jio mega free voice calls forever and data at just the 5 paise per MB has brought a revolution in the digital marketing space of India. We shall see the Reliance Jio effect on digital marketing. According to digital marketing experts, this announcement will see a certain Surge in digital ad spending by corporates as it is a Win-Win win situation for both the stakeholders. Marketers, on one hand, will get better marketing space with the Surge of mobile base growth of customers and customers, on the other hand, will get a free call and cheaper data.

Traditional Indian advertisement was mainly on television and hoardings now with the Reliance jio announcements of free voice calls and cheap data we have one more avenue open in the digital space. More people are now looking towards accessing data through the internet in all corners of India. More villages and tier II and III cities can now enjoy these services. For digital marketers it means new markets to tap and make their presence. Corporates, on the other hand, will have to change their strategy and planning to market their goods and services which were not earlier easily accessible. The target customers to cater will be the youth of the country who are spending their most of time on smartphones. E-commerce sites such as Flipchart, Snap deal, Amazon etc. are seeing this as a great opportunity to increase their market presence. For customers, they can in return get better quality products, discounts, services and faster delivery.

Mobile Subscribers in India

According to ASSOCHAM India, the Internet of things (IoT) is changing the way we live and communicate as per the reports, India has the largest youth population based on UN report in November 2014 with 356 million 10 to 24 years old. India has the world’s largest population this has contributed to the tremendous growth of digital media further India has crossed the 1billion mobile phone connections as per the report of KPMG & The Associated Chambers of Commerce (ASSOCHAM), India report over 5 lakh villages have been covered with digital connectivity. India has the lowest call rate in the world. There has been a significant private sector investment in telecom infrastructure worth 8,00,000 crores. All these factors are favouring the growth of digital media. In India according to TRAI 2016 report of mobile subscribers with present mobile subscriber’s base of 1010 Million in 2015, they are expected to increase by 1213 in 2020. Among them, mobile data subscribers will form 64 per cent of the total subscriber base as compared to 29 per cent in 2015. The Internet subscriber’s reports show a rapid increase in mobile data adoption form 325 Million to 669 Million in 2019 as per TRAI 2016 report.


Considering the above data we can say that there will be huge scope for the digital marketers in India. With the Reliance jio effect, we can see the huge slash in data rates from other cellular service providers who will soon join this race to hold their market position. With the advent of new technology and reducing rates, consumers are going to benefit from this digital revolution.

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