seo company in navi mumbai

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Seo company in Navi Mumbai

Seo is the most important digital marketing tool for companies in Navi Mumbai.

Due to competition in the industry and to engage and acquire new customers the SEO company in Navi Mumbai has to implement the best SEO plan and strategy in 2018.

Introduction – Opportunity for SEO companies in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai a modern, well-planned and developed township near Mumbai City. It is planned by CIDCO.

It is also a major and important industrial, manufacturing and commercial offices hub of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Companies in Navi Mumbai are deploying services of SEO company in Navi Mumbai for better search appearance of their website.

As per the statistical data available for 2018 from the Thane Belapur industries Association (TBIA) more than 3,000 different types of industries are operating in Navi Mumbai.

In the given below image, you can witness the classification of numerous types of industries in the Navi Mumbai location (Thane-Belapur)

Statistical data for differnt types of industries in Navi Mumbai 2018

Statistical data for different types of industries in Navi Mumbai 2018

From the above data, it is evident that the chemical industry is acquiring the maximum number of industries in Navi Mumbai i.e. 1082 and constituting 33% of total industries.

The second largest industry is engineering with 1260 numbers making up to 38%.

The third largest is IT & IT related products 615 numbers, 19%.

The fourth position is taken by Textile, Dyeing, and pharmaceuticals with 295 companies and 9% of the share of total industries.

Finally, service industries and & others comprise to 24 with 1% of the share.

The prominent cities developed in the Navi Mumbai are:

  1. Vashi
  2. Turbhe
  3. Koparkhairane
  4. Airoli
  5. Ghansoli
  6. Dighe
  7. Sanpada
  8. Jui Nagar
  9. Nerul
  10. Seawoods-Darave
  11. CBD Belapur
  12. Kharghar
  13. Mansarovar
  14. Khandeshwar
  15. Panvel

Navi Mumbai is all set to secure its new international airport as our prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi on 18th of February 2018.

The total cost of the project is Rs.16,700 crores.

The new airport will give an enormous boost to industrial and infrastructure projects in the city of Navi Mumbai.

As the number of companies in Navi Mumbai is set to grow and more organizations are ready to launch their commercial operation in the city.

There will be an increase in digital marketing activities of these companies.

Google search results

Google search results

Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Navi Mumbai Branch

Industrial & trade associations have always played a pivotal role in the growth of industries. They are the foundation of a healthy and progressive business infrastructure.

The SEO company in Navi Mumbai must encourage companies.

To be a part of such elite trade & commerce associations.

Bombay Chamber of Commerce is playing an important role in Navi Mumbai.

By promoting and encouraging trade and commerce in the region.

It is one of the oldest chambers of commerce serving its members in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

It is an important off-page SEO strategy to be part of such associations.

It helps in networking and promoting company product and services in the market.

Membership in these associations also marks a punch of trust and confidence.

Increases brand value among customers, vendors and partners.

digital marketing services in navi mumbai

digital marketing services in Navi Mumbai

Best business practices followed. This helps in increasing the brand value of the company.

Companies in Navi Mumbai can explore new business opportunities in the local market.

Finally, the contact details of the Navi Mumbai branch office is:

Branch Office:

No. 158, First Floor, Satra Plaza,
Sector 19 D, Vashi, Near APMC Market,
Navi Mumbai – 400703
Maharashtra, India
Tel: 27846468

Seo benefits of HTTPS in navi mumbai

Safe, secure and reliable sites score better SEO rank in the search engine results. There is a competitive edge over your competitors.

Secondly, search engines and your customers are happy to connect with secure HTTPS sites.

The Google has also confirmed this through its blog by encouraging the sites that adopt HTTPS encryption.

The blog post stated from July 2018 onwards with the release of Chrome 68, it will signal or mark all the HTTP sites as “not secure”

The SEO company in Navi Mumbai must advocate their clients the various benefits including SEO of HTTPS sites over Non-HTTP sites.

As quoted by Google,

81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default

As per the YouTube video shared earlier at the Progressive Web App Summit 2016.

A detailed video explains the various benefits of HTTPS, the cost involved, certificated validity and how you can get an SEO advantage for your website.

To get more information, guide and details on implementing HTTPS for your website visit the site with easy to start and set-up guides.

There are over 200-page ranking signal the Google RankBrain uses to rank your website in search engine results pages. 

Security and reliability of sensitive information and data of website is the first priority of search engines.

Google is trying every bit to make a safe and secure web search experience. For SEO advantages of HTTPS, get an SSL certificate for your website.

Advertise with Google Ads in Navi Mumbai

We all know appearing in organic search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu takes time.

You have done all the right SEO implementation at your website. Now give some time to get results as even your competitors are competing for the first page of search results.

If you are a new company in Navi Mumbai or launching a new product or services then you need to be patient to organically grow Page rank of your website.

Here the role of SEO company in Navi Mumbai is very important. They will guide you with the right digital marketing and SEO strategy for long-term success.

If your company has made a provision for product promotion and advertising, the services of SEO is very useful.

The digital marketing company will advise you with the right digital advertising channels, platforms, planning, implementation and analysis of Return on Investments.

Digital Marketing advantages of the new Google Ads in Navi Mumbai

As per the Google India Blog post published on 27th June 2018, new simpler brands and solutions for advertisers and publishers were launched.

As per the blog post published by Sridhar Ramaswamy Senior Vice President, Ads & Commerce the new reinvented Google AdWords products renamed Google Ads was introduced to better help businesses show their ads.

The new versions were of Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager.

google ads

Google Ads

Sridhar Ramaswamy clearly indicated the importance and popularity of mobile across all its products and platforms.

The way people today interact with their mobile or smartphones to search, play games, shopping, navigate places.

This presents the Google ample market and scope to offer segmented and specific ad products across these channels.

The intent is very strong and clear from the Google to get more advertisers and publishers explore their products.

All the above mentioned three products via, Google Ads, Google Marketing platform and Google Ad Manager aims to assist and target advertisers and publishers of any size.

The Google wants the advertisers and publishers to select the correct solutions for their advertising & promotional requirement.

With these new products, Google wants to deliver valuable, target oriented ads with the great user experience.

The Google announced that it will be sharing more about these changes along with other new Ads, Analytics and Platforms solutions designed to help you grow your business—at Google Marketing Live. Register now to watch live on July 10, 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET.

The SEO company in Navi Mumbai will guide an help you in adjusting and understanding these new changes in the Google products.

Google Adwords is the right beginning for new startups and product or services launches.

The advantages of Google AdWords are:
  • Instant appearance on the first page of search results (with correct bidding strategy)
  • Low entry cost
  • Pay only when your advertising is clicked, call or as per the number of impressions
  • Choice of geographical advertising – locally or globally
  • Target your audiences
  • Run multiple campaigns

Various adverts options such as:

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. App Ads

Get complete analytical data on the performance of your website such as:

  1. Number of clicks
  2. Calls
  3. Impressions
  4. Pages visited
  5. Demographics
  6. Type of Devices – Mobile, Tablets or Desktop
  7. A/B testing of your advertisements
  8. The flexibility of budget spending
  9. No contract
  10. No exit fees

As discussed above there are many benefits to starting online presence with digital advertising.

Google has the maximum share of the search market in India. Followed by Bing, Facebook and Twitter.

How Google Merchant Centre helps local (Navi Mumbai) SEO

It is very essential for companies to promote their product or services both online and offline.

With the digitalization of business processes, the world has become a single market.

Vast opportunities have opened for all companies to expand and grow their clients all over the world.

Google Marchant Centre is one of the important Google product services to get the above goals.

Google for retail – Local and online marketing solutions is the right answer.

The intent is simply to convert searches to leads and leads to sales.

Google for retail is a marketing solution to reach your target audiences directly.

The SEO company in Navi Mumbai can guide you in setting up Google Merchant Centre Account, Shopping Account and Manufacturer Account.

Each of the above products has their unique benefits and reach.

What is the Google Merchant Centre?

In simple words, Google Merchant Centre is a place or platform where you can upload all the details of your products. That’s all!

Now to get you products details live in front of the world over the web you need to run an advertisement or ads.

For running an advertisement campaign you need and Google AdWords account.

So, whenever you run an advertisement account in Google Adwords the information from Google Merchant account is retrieved.

What is Google Shopping Campaigns?

In Google Shopping Campaigns along with the text, product details/description, title, images, price, availability in stock etc. information can be displayed.

The pricing is also higher as compared to Google Adwords search ads.

What is Google Manufacturer Centre? and SEO  benefits

Google manufacturer is a service to help customers make a better buying decision. For examples, you are the manufacturer of a Cosmetic brand.

You have retailers and distributors all over the globe. If the advertisement campaigns run by your retailers have an incomplete or incorrect product description, title, images or specifications.

Ultimately it is the loss of manufacturer whose goods will be not sold.

To solve this problem, Google has introduced Google Manufacturer Centre.

In your GMC account, you can upload all the important product information and when the search query is requested of your product. The information will be displayed.

Your company in Navi Mumbai need to link your Google Merchant Centre account with Google Adwords Account.

The Digital Marketing company in Navi Mumbai can help you in the above task of setting up all accounts.

The Digital Marketing company will help you in creating effective and result driven advertisements, ease of ding digital transactions, great user experiences.

All of the above will help your company in Navi Mumbai to sell their product and services locally and all over the world.

The statement of Google for retails is: Make the world your storefront

The web as a market platform for companies in Navi Mumbai

With the growth and reach of the internet, the whole web has turned into a marketplace for companies, manufacturers, traders and service providers.

The search engines set a ready marketplace for companies in Navi Mumbai to market and promote their goods and services through:

  • Web
  • Images
  • Shopping
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Apps

Companies can now use any of the above platforms to display ads.

Google Adwords is the fast way to grab the attention of your customers. Organic rankings take some time and specialized expertise.

For companies willing to spend on online advertisements, Google AdWords is the best tool.

Even using Google Adwords effectively takes some practice and time. Phone calls are very vital for any business.

Businesses get phone calls from their prospective customers. With Google Adwords special feature of call alerts as goals for calls received through your advertisements.

If calls are important for your business then don’t forget to set calls as goals in your Google Adwords account.

In this way, you can Connect with every customer who calls your business. You can also Set up call notifications with the AdWords Express app.

adwords express call notifications

AdWords express call notifications

We are Digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai are offering best SEO services to various companies such as manufacturing, hospitals, schools, educational institutions, e-commerce companies, startups, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, engineering, construction and real-estate companies.

From the above statistical data available and other locations in the Navi Mumbai area. The number of industries and companies are increasing.

With the growth and reach of the internet to all the corners of the world, it is wise to optimize the website.

Every single minute customers online are searching for your product and services.

Having a simple website presence will not fetch you the desired return on investments or get new clients.

Now that we are convinced the importance and role of Digital Marketing.

To promote your website, brand, products, and services, it now time to have a great long-term Digital Marketing strategy for 2018.

If you want to get quality results then get the services of a good SEO Digital Marketing agency in Navi Mumbai.

Join local chambers of commerce or industrial associations in Navi Mumabi-{off-page seo}

For off-page SEO strategy of your website, you must have some membership or affiliations within your local area of business.

Google and other search engines give due importance to links from local geographical locations of business.

Secondly, apart from the Digital Marketing advantage, there are a host of other benefits of networking with other businesses in your local area.

In Navi Mumbai, there are some reputable industrial associations and one of them is Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business & Industry (NMCBI).

The Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business & Industry

The Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business & Industry

The Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business & Industry is a pioneer association in the Navi Mumbai offering great networking and knowledge sharing benefits to its members.

For more details on joining the local business and industrial associations contact your SEO agency in Navi Mumbai.

The offer various programs for innovation, entrepreneurship and research to its members.

Apart from NMCBI another prominent industrial association in Navi Mumbai to join from the SEO point of view is TTC-MIDC Industries Association, TMIA was formerly known as small Scale Entrepreneur’s Association (SSEA).

 TTC-MIDC Industries Association

TTC-MIDC Industries Association

As stated above such industrial associations in Navi Mumbai offer ample scope and business growth opportunities.

The best SEO company in Navi Mumbai will always advice joining such forums as it is an important off-page technique.

It will also help you in building useful backlinks from the reputed members of the association.

By getting quality links from your local area will boost your local search ranking.

Networking is an important strategy to generate business and know what strategy your competitors are executing.

Identify the Geographical location of your customers

Generally, we straight away start optimizing our website without understanding the nature of our business.

A thorough and in-depth knowledge of the product & services is important for your SEO company in Navi Mumbai.

Internet marketing will not give you the desired results or return on investments unless you are not directly focussing on your clients, their geographical location, existing preferences, demographics and other vital factors.

For example, your clients are located all over the world then you need to have Top Level Domain with country-specific international targeting (.com).

In the opposite scenario, if the clients are located in India, then you need to have country level specific domain targeting local clients ( or .in).

On-Page & Off-Page SEO 2018

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Competitor Research in Navi Mumbai for SEO

To beat the competition, you need to understand thoroughly.

Who your competitors are?

What is their online marketing strategy?

How do they promote their products & services?

What social media marketing strategy they are implementing?

Their best selling products?

Their website ranking?

The given above is a brief question that your SEO company in Navi Mumbai need to check before finalizing your long-term SEO strategy.

Spend to generate revenue in Navi Mumbai

Corporates understand it very well that they need to invest in online marketing for achieving their long-term goals.

The goals will be to generate online leads, convert leads to sales, retain loyal customers.

You need spending or hire web SEO agency in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra as they are the right SEO experts.

You can even employ an experienced full-time digital marketer.

Technical SEO of your website

Another aspect of the complete health of your website has a technical audit done on your website. It will better aid you understand the strength and weaknesses of your website.

Given below are some very important technical SEO issues through your SEO services in Navi Mumbai provider.

Mobile Friendly Website and page rank

  1. Structured data implemented at your website
  2. Google speed test
  3. Latest sitemap
  4. Check internal and external links
  5. The website is easily crawlable and indexed by search engine bots/spiders
  6. Anchor Text
  7. Meta Description tags
  8. AMP Project, AMP Stories
  9. Rich featured snippets

Update Google My Business Account-Best SEO strategy in Navi Mumbai

Google My Businesses is an active online lead generator for your business. Companies and digital marketer must update and preserve their online business status regularly.

Google my business regularly displays on your search results. It gives all the important information about your product & services.

Google AMP practice SEO Agecny

Accelerated mobile pages AMP) project started by Google to render search results as quickly as possible. The adoption of AMP will improve the mobile website page speed and page ranking.

Recently Google has also started a useful feature in the AMP project i.e. AMP Stories as per Google blog post dated 13th February 2018.

AMP Stories are visually engaging content constructed mainly of interactive photos/text for users.

Google AMP Project an open source platform was launched with the intent of offering a better, fast, reliable and secure web experience.

The essence of the AMP project is to save valuable time of searchers without compromising on quality and content.

The SEO company in Navi Mumbai must strongly advise their clients to have an AMP version of their website.

It not only ensures high performance of the website but also is a very important SEO factor.

With enhanced page loading and speed of the website the engagement and click through rate increases.

Ads are published or loaded instantly across all the devices.

If you are using WordPress platform then follow the details provided in the link for complete information on the implementation.

For more updates on the latest news and updates follow the official account of the AMP Project on Twitter.

Google AMP ProjectTest

Google AMP ProjectTest

The AMP Project is constantly upgraded and updated for improved user experience.

The SEO company in Mumbai must follow and adapt to these new features.

The AMP Project must be a part of long-term SEO strategy for the client.

There are so many SEO benefits of the AMP for the website.

It helps in improving the quality, speed, and ranking of your website as compared to your competitors.

The SEO company must involve their developer’s theme and work together to get maximum benefits from it.

With this intent, many awareness programs are conducted to help developers and SEO companies to understand the latest developments.

One such program is currently going on is the road show as shared by Paul Bakaus through the blog post.

They are planning to visit 20 cities in 2018 and more to educate developers.

Better user experience (UX)-on page SEO strategy in Navi Mumbai

There is much another long-term SEO strategy, the most crucial one is the client-centric.

All your SEO plans and strategies should be around your customers.

Online marketers should not be obsessed by search engine optimization.

Extensive content, useful information, matching the search/query demands should be the prime goal of the SEO company in Navi Mumbai.

seo from internet marketing company

SEO from internet marketing company

Use Google Analytics data for SEO 

After doing all the important SEO related changes to your website. Its now time for the results.

Use Google analytics, it is a free tool form Google to analyze where your customers are coming from, sources, keywords, geographic location and their demographics.

Website page speed an important page rank factor in SEO

Today speed is everything. Customers or visitors are going to bounce from your website if it fails to load fast.

There are many free webpage speed testing tools. They are free and offer useful suggestions to improve the speed of your website.

The best is to start from Google developers page speed insights report.

Off Page SEO strategy to promote your business in Navi Mumbai

Trade Fair Exhibitions

Trade fairs are great opportunities for networking at both national and international levels.

  1. The wide range of benefits of participating in a trade fair are:
  2. You connect directly with your target customers
  3. Know about your competitors latest products and marketing strategies
  4. Generate quality leads
  5. Promotion of your goods and services

In Navi Mumbai, trade fairs are organized by local trade bodies to promote trade and commerce.

In June 2018, Exhicon group is organizing a Navi Mumbai Industrial Expo which is specially tailor-made for industries in Navi Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

Once you have participated in the trade fair forward all the details (content, images, videos) of your participation in your SEO company in Navi Mumbai. 

The above details will be optimized for SEO before uploading online.

They will promote the contents at all the social networking sites, blogs, websites to your target audiences.

As per the news report from The Business Standard:

Around 100 entrepreneurs from various segments like SME, MSME and Start-ups including 80 major companies from Navi Mumbai Industrial belt and 20 women entrepreneurs who have been registered with 95 percent subsidy offered to them through NSIC will be participating in the three-day expo.

The exhibition will be held at  CIDCO exhibition centre in Navi Mumbai. The dates are from 9th June 2018 to 11th June 2018.


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