how to promote clothing brand

In the competitive fashion industry, how to promote clothing brand and its products is a challenge for online marketers.

The fashion industry in India both online and offline is highly competitive. There is a place for every type of manufacturer i.e both branded and unbranded fashion brands.

The common digital marketing issues faced by fashion brands are:

  • How to promote clothing store?
  • How to promote clothes on Instagram?
  • Best ideas to market clothing brand?
  • How to market a clothing line on social media?
  • Clothing brand marketing plan 2018?
  • Fashion/clothing brand advertisement ideas?
  • How to promote clothing line on Facebook?

As per the statistical data and reports from The Economic Times of India, Branded apparel market in India may swell to Rs 250K crore by 2020.

sales promotion ideas for clothing stores

sales promotion ideas for clothing stores

International fashion and lifestyle brands are coming to India to make their presence.

The Economic Times in another article also stated Indian branded apparel market to touch Rs 30,000 crore in 3 years.

The Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry also relaxing the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) norms, international players are prompted to take advantage of it (100% investment in a single retail brand).

The increasing demand from the young population is fuelling the growth of fashion brands in India.

Increased penetration of smartphones market with cheap internet data has helped e-commerce companies to grow their market and customer base.

Let us share some useful tips on how to promote clothing brand:

How to promote clothing brand

Use Social Media

Social media are very popular with the masses in India and across the globe. There is a Facebook, Twitter or Whats App account of almost every individual of all age groups.

Digital marketers have this vast choice of social media platforms and their users base.

how to promote clothing store

how to promote clothing store

Tips for handling your social media account on how to promote clothing brand:

  • Regularly update your fashion brand profile
  • Upload attractive product/clothing line images
  • Clear call to action – address, phone numbers, website URL or contact person
  • Reply to all the queries or grievances of your customers on a priority basis
  • Create a loyalty or bonus program/incentive schemes for regular customers
  • Send personal greetings or messages on their special days/occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or career advancements etc.
  • The announcement of the new line of fashion clothes with images/videos

Paid advertisements on social media

It is a fact that competition is very stiff in the retail fashion industry. The number of companies is there right from your local neighbourhood store, streets, e-commerce stores, local brands and international brands.

If you are starting new or launching a new line of fashion clothes. Paid advertisements are the preferred medium to promote.

Fortunately today you don’t need to start with a heavy budget allocation.

Social media platforms are offering a flexible and low entry level budgets to start with your advertisement campaigns.

Secondly, there is an option of payments on daily impressions or clicks on your advertisements.

marketing strategies for clothing stores

marketing strategies for clothing stores

Google Adwords

On similar lines of social media advertisements, you also have an option of advertising your fashion brands on search engine giant such as Google.

Google is the most preferred and number one search engine in India.

The number of fashion brand websites have increased significantly. Almost all reputed and local clothing brands have an online website presence.

To rank on the first page of Google search takes some time and expert knowledge of digital marketer.

Services of the best SEO company in Mumbai are taken to improve overall page ranking of the website.

But still to get the first page organic ranking for your clothing brand website takes time. In such cases, PPC advertisements are the right option.

Keywords Research

Keywords are the lifeline of your SEO tactics. How to promote clothing brand in the organic search results widely depends on the selection of right keywords.

Again Google AdWords is the best source in this regards. They offer a free keywords planner tool to know the estimated impressions of the keywords.

Video Marketing

Generally, high-quality images are the most economical and preferred choices for promoting your online clothing brand.

Today you have many cost-effective and free video making software available both online and offline.

If you can devote some time to learn then you can make a decent video at very low cost.

Your fashion brand can also hire services of freelancers for this job. The reason is simple, due to cheap internet data and smartphones.

Videos have a better impact than still images. They are the right medium for fashion brands to promote and convey the messages to the targeted audiences.

Promote your brand on Instagram/Pinterest

Both Instagram and Pinterest are the most popular websites for the fashion brand and apparels companies.

Companies have to regularly maintain these social media accounts with latest trending fashion in the industry.

The more followers you have and it will spread the word in their groups.

This will directly give traffic to your company website and improve click-through rates.

Google Search Console Account

If you have an online website then your company must have a Google Search Console account.

It is a free service from Google. Even other search engines such as Bing, Yandex and Baidu have a webmasters central account.

Every fashion brand owner or the digital marketing agency has to keep a check on the various components listed on their search console website property account.

By default, Google indexes all the website pages over the internet. Even if you don’t have a search console account.

The advantage is that you can directly request the search engine the pages you wish to crawl and indexed on a priority basis.

Apart from the above, there are many additional benefits of having a search console account.

Free webmaster help/forum support/tutorials

  • Indexed pages status
  • Crawling status and issues
  • Sitemaps submissions
  • Structured data testing tools
  • Maintain all your website property in a single account
  • Search analytics – impressions, clicks and average position
  • Country wise website traffic information
  • Desktop and Mobile website traffic data and much more

Online marketers of clothing brand websites must take full advantage of this very important service from the Google.

Google Analytics for fashion brands

In addition to above Google Search Console, Google Analytics is another powerful and free tool for internet marketers.

Google analytics is more detailed and comprehensive website traffic analysis tool.

After doing all the important digital marketing including SEO of your clothing brand website. The management and stakeholders need to understand the return on investments (ROI) generated.

Along with the historical data of website traffic and analysis, it provides the base for the future course of action.

Given above are some useful tips for some good results on how to promote your clothing brand.

What is your digital marketing strategy for promoting your online clothing label? You can share your thoughts by submitting a comment in the box given below.

Tips for how to promote clothing brand online, on Instagram, a fashion brand/label in 2018. Get website traffic for your online e-commerce store. How to promote a clothing line on social media, Facebook and Pinterest.

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