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Digital marketing agency in Mira Road

After the digitization of business operations. The demand for the services of a digital marketing agency in Mira road has grown!

Mira road is the major connecting city to both Mumbai & Thane.

It is a part of Thane district. Though the city is well-connected to Mumbai city!

Mira road is an important industrial hub. It is a centre of many manufacturing and industrial units.

There are even a quality number of residential projects in Mira road.

In this blog post, we will understand! How digital marketing agency in Mira road can help businesses to achieve their goals.

digital marketing company in Mira road

Digital marketing benefits of growing Neighbourly app in Mira road

As per reports from official Google India blog post! The neighbourly app has been a great success in Mira road city.

Many people seeking information joined the app!

The blog post was written by Arnold Binas, Engineering Manager, Neighbourly dated November 21, 2018. He quoted,

With over 1.5 million downloads and half a million people on the waitlist, we’re excited to begin rolling out Neighbourly across all India.

The intent of the Neighbourly app is to help people share and get information. About your nearby locality!

It may be nearby shopping malls, salons, day & night medical shops, doctors, schools etc.

Now, how a business can gain from this Neighbourly app.

The answer is simple and straight. Simply download the app and be ready to answer queries or information people are seeking.

This is the best local digital marketing strategy!

For example, you run a vegetarian restaurant in Mira road nearby the railway station. If there is a query in the Neighbourly app for the best veg restaurant near the station! You can quickly send a suggestion about your restaurant.

You can also promote it with discounts and services you offer.

This way the information shared with many users who have the app.

The Google blog post even share the case study of a resident from Mira Road. Mr.Aslam, who runs a graphics store in Mira Road. He has answered hundreds of questions from his neighbours.

SEO benefits of Google neighbourly app

Digital marketing benefits of Google neighbourly app

Using the built-in voice functionality to easily speak and transcribe his answers.

It is free of cost publicity and branding for your business. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Delhi and Bangalore are latest cities who have joined the Neighbourly app list.

Digital marketing benefits and awareness with Google safety center for your clients

The most common concern of all businesses is the safety of online transactions. All companies concerned about their and customer data privacy, security and protection.

In European countries, there are stringent laws. Relating to customer data collection, it’s usage and sharing.

More steps are now taken to ensure consumer privacy and data privacy.

A digital marketing agency in Mira road! Must guide their clients about the way they can protect the client and consumer data.

This will create a positive brand value for the digital marketing agency.

Secondly, the client is more aware of the various laws. On customer data collection and usage.

With the above intent of securing consumer data! Google has released a blog post on November 14th 2018.

The blog post was written by Mark Risher, Director of Product Management at Google.

The blog revealed the launch of Google Safety Center. A site dedicated to educating and empowering people. With topics like data security, privacy controls, and online protections. To all Google and its product users!

The major highlight of the Google Safety Center is:

  • Safety features for Indian users
  • Easy to use tools
  • Security tips
  • How to secure data & privacy control
  • The site will be available in nine local Indian languages
  • The languages are Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu

The digital marketing agency understands the above safety and security guides from Google.

These are regularly updated to adapt to changing socio-economic and business situations.

The client is also safe and feels secure! With the compliances of all data privacy and protection of their valuable customers.

Local digital marketing strategy with Assistant on Google Home in Hindi

The content today is more directed for local marketing strategy. Consumers are today searching for information, products and services in local languages.

In India, many languages are spoken. Even the smartphones are now available with the latest features. Such as searching and browsing in regional languages.

There is a section of your lead or prospective customers who use local regional language.

The digital marketing agency in Mira road must guide their clients! To target these regional language users.

The digital marketing strategy must be adapted to target these prospects.

For example, if your target audiences are Hindi language users. Then having a Hindi version of your website along with English makes sense!

The Google has also through its blog post published on November 1, 2018, written by Purvi Shah, Technical Program Manager, Assistant.

The blog revealed the role technology is changing the lives of consumers. How the products and services are now searched online.

Digital marketing benefits of google assistant

Digital marketing benefits of google assistant

With the success of the popular Google products Google Home and Google Home Mini in April 2018! Google is now introducing Assistant on Google Home in Hindi.

The digital marketing agency must understand! The impact and benefits of targeting consumers in local languages.

In today’s competitive market, every single lead is important for the client.

With the increasing usage of regional languages. To search over the internet has opened a new segment of customers.

The digital marketing agency needs to be innovative and result oriented. In getting the desired internet marketing goals for their clients!

More people are now using the latest technology. Such as assistant to planning and mapping commute.

To know the weather forecast, traffic in their local area.

The best doctors, news, restaurants and finance related advice etc.

Given above were some important tips that a digital marketing agency in Mira road. can put in place for better servicing their clients.

With a clear understanding of business goals and objectives of the client. A right digital marketing strategy can be planned!

The agency must generate awareness to their clients. On the benefits of new technology in connecting with their customers!

Finally, if you want to know further about our digital marketing services!

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