seo agency in andheri

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SEO agency in Andheri

Looking for an SEO agency in Andheri? The choice is not as easy as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company you want to hire must understand your business.

In this blog post, we will share the desired areas the SEO agency in Andheri should target.

best seo agency in andheri

Best SEO agency in Andheri

The ultimate aim of hiring a digital marketing agency in Andheri is to get:

  1. Website Traffic
  2. Qualified Leads
  3. Higher Page Rank
  4. Building brand value
  5. Customer satisfaction
  6. Sales


In Mumbai, Andheri is the centre of all commercial offices. All major brands have their offices at Andheri. The reason is:

  • Good connectivity to all areas of Mumbai
  • Airport
  • Metro Train
  • Hotels

There are prominent industrial estates and trade associations in Andheri. Such as MIDC, Marol Industrial Area, Seepz Gems and Jewellery Manufacturer’s Association.

Industrial estates in Andheri & opportunity for SEO agencies

Andheri has most of the prominent and reputed industrial estates in Mumbai. Since the growth of industrialization in Mumbai. Andheri is the major hub of manufacturing, engineering and commercial companies.

seo services in Andheri

SEO services in Andheri

The major industrial estates located in Andheri are:

There is a need for skilled agencies and experts to promote products & services.

There is a great number of manufacturing, services and IT companies in Andheri.

The SEO agencies services are helpful to reach the target audiences.

Let’s see what activities the SEO agency in Andheri must take into consideration. It will assist in the SEO strategy of the client.

Digital marketing from seo agency in andheri

Digital marketing from SEO agency in Andheri

The SEO company in Andheri can meet the above objectives of hiring the agency with the following:

Invest in new marketing and SEO tools

Use Augmented Reality (AR) as a digital marketing tool to engage with the existing. It will help in acquiring leads and potential customers.

There is a growth of smartphones with advanced features and tools. The technology is used to market the products and services.

For example, if you are the owner of a resort, you can use augmented reality.  You can show a virtual tour of your place to potential customers.

The SEO agency in Andheri will guide their clients to use the new technology. It features to showcase their client product and services. Poly is a great and free marketing technology from Google.

What is Poly? and its SEO ADVANTAGES

Poly is a website created by Google for users to browse, distribute, and download 3D objects.

It features a free library containing thousands of 3D objects for use in virtual reality.

Along with augmented reality applications, there are many off page SEO benefits of using such new technologies. As with minimal or zero cost you can better market your company product and services.

As per the Google India blog post dated June 25, 2018, Courtney Hampson, Program Manager, Google AR & VR.

The intent is to support the augmented reality growth and nurture a new generation of AR creators.

Google launched Introduction to Augmented Reality and AR Core.  It is a free class on Coursera for those who are getting started with Augmented Reality.

The SEO agency in Andheri and the client’s digital marketing team must take full advantage.

The more time invested in learning new technology for digital marketing.  It will get more customers.

A neighbourhood app from Google and SEO advantages

Daily new marketing tools launched over the internet. Not all the tools may be effective for your product or services.

But when Google launches any new tool such as an app or any service it matters.

Google products mean business. Along with being a utility product they serve both common people and businesses.

From an SEO point of view also the popular and new upcoming tools are important. The SEO agency in Andheri will suggest their clients invest in such new and popular tools.

The ultimate goal of the SEO agency in Andheri is to connect with the target audiences of the client.

As per the news from Google India Blog, Introducing Neighbourly: the app for trusted, neighbourhood answers the beta app launched in Mumbai. On May 31st 2018, blog Post by Caesar Sengupta, VP, and Next Billion Users Team.

SEO benefits of Google neighbourly app

SEO benefits of Google neighbourly app

Image Source: Google India Blog

The app can be a good competition to Facebook and WhatsApp. Google is the number one search engine in Mumbai, India.

Let us understand what are the features of the Neighbourly app?
  1. Ask your neighbours questions about any product, place or service
  2. Get suggestions from your real people in your neighbourhood
  3. Share your local area knowledge or expertise
  4. Personal data or details are not shared or disclosed with other users. Such as full name, address, contact number etc.
  5. Works with Google’s voice recognition
  6. Users can speak your question or answer into the app, like talking to a neighbour
  7. Available in English and eight Indian languages
  8. The question and answers can feature across the Google services
  9. Option to delete your data
  10. In the settings, you have the option to change the area. For example, from Andheri–East change to Andheri–West.

From SEO and marketing optimization how the Neighbourly app is vital?

The app is a new concept and social sharing app. The intent is to take help in the form of asking questions and getting replies. An enquiry may be for a dentist, pathology lab, courier services, mobile phone advice etc.

How Neighbourly can be used by SEO agencies in Andheri?

From local SEO aspect, the app is very effective. For example, your company is having a banquet hall in Andheri. A prospective customer from Andheri will use the app to ask for the best banquet hall.

As an alert SEO agency in Andheri, you will interact on behalf of the client and offer a review and feedback. The SEO agency may also request the potential customers to submit an answer with a link.

The app is a human, helpful and local way to ask and answer neighbourhood questions

Launched on 31st May 2018, a Beta version of the app available on the Google Play Store. For all smartphones in Mumbai running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and higher for Mumbai users!

Soon the services will expand to other neighbourhoods across India.

The above app will monetize in the future with advertisements.  On the same lines of Facebook and WhatsApp once it gains subscriber base in Andheri and all over the Mumbai.

The Smartphones have become an integral part of long-term SEO strategy of SEO agency in a metro city like Mumbai.  The majority of the population is having smartphones.

Almost all of them are active on the popular social media sites. Such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Linked In or Twitter.

As per the newspaper report published in on June 25, 2018.  Google India generated approximately $1 billion in ads revenue.  The new app opens a new avenue for targeted local ads.

Google Maps for Off Page-SEO

Google maps are an important off-page SEO tool. The SEO agency in Andheri must use it to its full potential. Google is updating and upgrading the Google Maps.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO 2018

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

New features added for its users on regular basis. It is very crucial for both the SEO agency and client in Andheri.  To maintain and update their Google Maps listing.

One such new feature added by the Google Maps is new ways to explore maps.

As per the Google blog post, published on Jun 26, 2018, by Sophia Lin, Senior Product Manager, Google Maps. A new way to explore (tab) maps feature added to the Google Maps.

New Explorer Tab and SEO benefits

As per the blog, Sophia Lin referred.  It published on May 8, 2018, explore the town with Google Maps.

Google has announced its upcoming feature in Maps. It comes with the new redesigned Explore tab that will be available to its global users.

The features to launch were as follows:

  1. The map will be a more personal assistant and will come up with recommendations. Example–restaurants, hotels, grocery and shopping malls etc.
  2. Find new spots
  3. Find new things to do such as event, activity based on activity. It comes from local experts, Google algorithms, and publishers like The Infatuation.
  4. Getting suggestions for your match based on your previous visits, ratings and reviews
  5. Group planning feature–now share and vote your place of visit with your friends and family

To start exploring and using the above features. Update your Google Maps app from the App Store or Play Store.

The above mentioned featured available to all categories of business.  Apart from the hospitality industry such as healthcare, manufacturing, education sector etc.

Advantages of Google Maps

Advantages of Google Maps

With digital marketing, you can now explore your target customers or audiences. It helps to reach you with these new features.

The SEO agency must take a serious note of all the above changes and developments. Adjust the digital marketing and SEO campaign.

Investing time, manpower and financial resources will fetch good Return on Investments.

Focus on Google SERP–Search Engine Result Pages

Coming straight to the point!

The goal is to be on the first page of the search results.

Google is the number one search engine in India. The focus should be to perform better on Google.

how to create long term SEO strategy

Google has put a vast pool of quality, speed and search policy. It also has the best guidelines for webmasters to follow.

These guidelines are your ticket to rank at tops of search.

Please follow the link for detailed Google guidelines, policies.

Competition and SEO strategy

Companies and SEO agency in Andheri must acknowledge the true competition.

Your competitors are also working hard for the first-page appearance at search results.

Your competitors are also hiring the best of digital marketing companies in Andheri. Before, you start your SEO campaign, research what online marketing strategy they are deploying.

There are various paid and free tools.  To know the different website popularity metrics!

Use SEMrush they have both free and paid plans.

With SEMrush you can get data on the popular pages of your competitor. Such as websites, keywords, website traffic statistics and links etc.

With tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Interested in your competitor performance metrics over the internet. Go for the paid versions of the above tools.

The major highlights or benefits of using the above tools are:

You get a detailed analysis of:

  1. Backlinks of your competitors: New, Lost, Borken
  2. Referring Domains: New, Lost
  3. Anchor Text
  4. Top Referring Domains
  5. Organic Search Data: New, Changes
  6. Top performing pages
  7. Competing Domains
  8. Pages Performance: By links, growth rate, top content
  9. Paid keywords data

Looking at the above valuable information and statistical data of your competitors.  You can plan a long terms SEO strategy for your website.

Page Speed of your website-SEO effect for companies in Andheri

One of the major area in which you can outrank your competitor is the speed of your website.

Speed is one of the major page ranking factors.  Among the major 200-page rankings signal for the Google!

Speed a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads

Speed a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads

All are adopting the best SEO strategy. The valuable services of the digital marketing agency in Andheri!

Companies and digital marketers must acknowledge the truth your website is slow? It will struggle to rank at the top pages of search results.

To achieve the aim of higher speed go for an SEO friendly and high-performance website theme.

If you are developing your website from a developer, ask him to test the website with Lighthouse.

What is Lighthouse? It’s role in SEO

Lighthouse is an automated and open source tool. It is for measuring website speed and optimizing its performance.

Lighthouse - audit your website

Lighthouse – audit your website

Image Source: Google Developers

It is a free website auditing tool.  The rich metrics such as SEO, performance, accessibility, First Input Delay etc.!

SEO experts can run it on any of your website pages to measure its speed and performance. You get a detailed audit report with suggestions.

Create a delightful web experience for your visitors

Do you wish your web pages/website to appear at the top pages of search results?

There is no choice but to create an effective and great website visit. The best possible experience for your visitors!

The goal is simple the visitor must get the information and satisfied.

SEO Benefits of Responsive website design

Benefits of Responsive website design

Google gives high page rank value to the websites creating a delightful experience.

Google has mentioned on its developer’s website. The core fundamentals of creating a great website experience for its searchers.

The digital marketing companies in Andheri must understand the importance and effectiveness.

Important highlights of these guidelines are:

  • Fast
  • Integrated
  • Reliable
  • Engaging


Did you ever think of having a search engine for your own website, blog, app or a collection of your websites?

Yes! It is possible with Google Custom Search.

If you are keen to provide a better search experience for your website. If you have a large website with a complex site structure, contents and media.

Google Custom Search is the right answer for a better User Experience (UX).

The digital marketing agency in Andheri must suggest of having a custom search.

Benefits of having a Google custom search on your website:
  1. Search index technology that powers
  2. Configure your engine to search both web pages and images
  3. Improve ranking
  4. Add your own promotions
  5. Customize the look and feel of the search results
  6. Accurate and blazing-fast results
  7. Monetize the search by connecting your engine to your Google AdSense account

Follow the link to the Google Custom Search to get started and turn your website into a search engine.


I have written a lot about the importance and essence of the right keywords. It helps to rank higher on the search engine result pages.

In 2018, the important tips for using keyword strategy are:

Don’t stuff your website with keywords

Overuse and repeated use of keywords may attract Google penalty. It may downgrade Page Rank.

Research for keywords relevant only to your niche

Don’t go for competitive keywords. It takes quite an amount of time and effort to rank for them.

Start with low competition keywords first.

Do A/B testing with the keywords. Check with Google Analytics and Google Search Console date report.

Remember it will take some time for your keywords to rank. Provided you have a great quality content to offer.

Google is always ready to rewards web pages with high-quality content. That offers a great user experience to searchers.

It will not matter how many back links you have if your content is great and serving the intent of searchers.


The SEO agency in Andheri must take a note of all the above mentioned vital points. These are important to rank higher in search results.

Ranking on the first page of Google and search engine is not impossible. It requires accurate planning and developing a great content marketing strategy.

Backlinks are still relevant today. Provided they are from domains related to your business and are of higher authority.

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In industries such as manufacturing, service, IT, Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce etc.!

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