How to improve google pagerank

By Prashaant KD, Post updated on 2018-09-26 21:46:09

How to improve Google PageRank?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has changed a long way. As compared to 10 years ago!

Today the focus is entirely on the user. To provide a relevant answer to search queries, at the right time and with speed.

Accuracy and reliability of information are very important for search engines.

The  SEO experts need to work hard and do proper research of the data and source of information.

In the blog, we shall see how SEO can help improve in the ranking of web pages.

To be visible on the first page of Google or to improve your organic search appearance in Google search takes time and effort.

All businesses wish and like to be on the first page of search engine rankings or search engine result pages (SERP).

As per Google, page speed is one of major influencing ranking factor while deciding your website page rank.

You can analyze your PageRank algorithm at above link and follow the Google recommendations to increase page speed.

Best seo tips to improve page rank

Best SEO tips to improve page rank

Check your website speed at Google page speed tool Insights 

There are over 200 Google PageRank ranking signals which decide the ranking of pages of your website.

So how can businesses use these ranking signals to improve their search rankings? In 2018 let’s start a systematic planning, strategy, and execution of methods to boost your Google PageRank plan.

Steps to Improve Page Rank

There are a systematic method, planning and appropriate financial resource allocation devoted to achieving your Google search appearance goal.

The easiest way to be on the first page is by a paid medium such as Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts or Bing Ads. This will help you in executing short-term digital marketing strategy.

But for a long-term, you have to devote time and efforts.

There are two simple ways to achieve your above brand building goal and acquiring new customers.

First, do it by yourself!

This requires time devotion. Still, you are not sure how much time it will take to deliver desired results.

Still, you are not sure how much time it will take to deliver desired results.

Secondly, hire services of a digital marketer. To be visible on Google search engine result pages (SERP) and in social media, businesses need to allocate some of their financial resources to get timely results.

Even if you are doing online marketing on your own or hiring an SEO professional or expert, given below are some important guidelines to which all businesses must pay attention.

Plan your digital marketing strategy

Have a methodical plan for your digital marketing strategy in 2018. Involve all the key stakeholders in your organization.

Setup well-defined goals your company wants to achieve in 2018.

It is a teamwork and every small input can be of great value in making a strategic planning for increasing sales of your products & services.

Keyword stuffing

Generally, digital marketers get carried away in a haste to stuff keywords in their content marketing strategy. All the keywords which are used repeatedly in your blog articles or content thereby creating a poor quality content.  This is called keyword stuffing or keyword stacking.

Google bots are smart enough to identify thin quality pages. The main purpose of your content writing should be to provide quality information over the web.

It should be useful to your visitors coming to your website for information relating to goods or services of your company or brand.


  • Write high-quality articles with the intent of providing useful information to your website visitors.
  • Use the keyword tool to identify the search terms your business customers are searching for
  • Writing blogs regularly will update your clients about your product & services
  • Use your main keywords sparingly 2 -3 keywords per 500 words.
  • Content marketing is very effective in increasing website traffic, generating leads, enabling sales and contributing to SEO by complete website optimization.

SEO Content Writing

Content marketing, content writing or blog writing for your company is very important. They are the main face of your company.

These are very vital to improve your Google Pagerank.

Given below are some important free article writing tips:

  • Create original or fresh content
  • Create an informative Anchor Text for your titles and links. It helps in on page SEO
  • Try to use simple language for your readers to understand easily
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Use your article title carefully. It should have a connection with your main article
  • Use keywords wisely. Don’t overload your blog content or articles with it
  • Use rich media in your articles such as images, infographics, presentations etc.
  • Create link-worthy content
  • Keep your articles reader-friendly with an emotional touch
  • Use empathy in your articles.  Put yourself in the position of your customers seeking information/solution.
  • Give honest opinions/view/suggestion to your readers
  • Built a loyal pool of readers or customers
  • Promote your content on all social media sites
  • Update yourself with Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird updates 

So now you have a useful, informative and well-researched content ready and published it on your website.

You want visitors to visit your new blog post by submitting it to the Google search engine called indexing.

The SEO tools you have applied to your website will take some time may be days or months.

You cannot afford to wait so long. You have to promote your website content through a social network. Submit your post to social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Social Media Marketing

Organizations are today aware of the importance and role of social media platforms in marketing and promotion of their products and services.

Web marketing is the buzz of today’s online marketing.

It is a time-consuming task but yet very vital for your business to connect with their clients.

By having a presence at various social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn and much more, your company can enhance its brand value and reach out to remote market which was not possible earlier.

If you can take some time or have a team who can dedicate time for social media optimization it is a great choice.

But if you are unable to do both then you can think of hiring a social media marketing companies to achieve your business goals.

They have all the skills and knowledge to start off with a result oriented social media strategy.

Have an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is often ignored today since the popularity and growth of social network marketing.

Emails even today are more effective, direct and meaningful way to link directly with your clients.

Mobile Marketing

Compared to the desktop the share of mobile visitors has significantly increased during past years. The number of smartphone users is the crucial segment of your audiences to focus on.

As per the reports from the Mobile Marketing Association and Radium One, digital marketers are yet to completely penetrate into their mobile marketing strategy in 2018.

As per the report, after taking interview of over 300 digital marketers they were still not convinced that they have fully understood their consumer behaviour

Get familiar with Google RankBrain

You must have seen in movies robots performing the task with their Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The same technology Google has applied in its new Google search algorithm Google RankBrain.

What is Google RankBrain? How does it work?

As said above it is an artificial intelligence called Machine Learning. With machine learning, machines are able to learn what to do without the aid of a human programmer or software developer.

The Intelligent algorithms are modelled after neural networks in the human brain; teach software programs how to complete tasks on their own.

Software engineers no longer need to reprogram these computer systems; the software learns, adapts, and updates it.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is being used all over the world by people to express their emotions, feeling and opinions.

People like to keep pace with what’s happening around them.

Visitors are logging into their Twitter accounts for not only what their peers, celebrities, politicians and friends are expressing.

They are even ready to open up brands and organizations. They are ready to hear from them about their product & services.

According to Emarketer,  Google and Facebook, jointly occupy almost (51.6%)share of their paid advertisement market. Twitter is the 3rd most preferred channel.

Given below are the few tips to spice up your Twitter marketing efforts:

  • Conduct Twitter Polls
  • By induction twitter polls, you can understand the opinion and views about your brands
  • Upload Native Videos

Native videos should be an important part of your Twitter marketing strategy for 2018.

Twitter has its native video duration of 140 seconds.

This duration is sufficient to update your consumers about any new product & services or provide other valuable information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not dead

SEO in 2018 is going to be more unpredictable and challenging with the advent of new technologies applied by search engines.

It revolves around artificial intelligence, digital assistants, voice search, machine learning and much more.

On page SEO and SEO analysis in 2018 has to be proved with established data and changes in search trends of consumers. While making an SEO strategy a few key points to be taken note are:

Mobile friendliness

Google has been regularly emphasizing the importance of the mobile-first approach in their search engine result pages (SERP).

They are building a mobile-first index and it is clearly visible the preference of an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ahead of non-amp pages.

Searches have become personal and predictive

With the emergence of voice assistance, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it is quite evident that searches have become highly personalized and search queries have become conversational.

Visitors in Google search are no longer typing hospital + locations; instead, they are speaking “hospitals near me”.

You can test the mobile-friendliness of your website by following the link and logging into your google search console account

link for google mobile friendly test page

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Page Link for websites

Have a good local SEO strategy in 2018

All the thoughts are given above are in general and may take some time to deliver results.

For small and mid-sized businesses that are interested in their nearby areas or limited to a particular city, a local SEO strategy is very vital for them.

To start with:

  • Verify your Google my business listing and claim your Google my business page. The process takes maximum 2 weeks and your business starts appearing in Google listings.
  • Be sure to have a same consistent business address (contact information) on all online platforms.  Ensure the business name, address, and phone number of each of your company locations is consistent throughout the website (homepage, contact us page, header, footer, etc.) and on other websites like Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Embed a Google Map on your website and include a GeoTag to show your location to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex etc.
  • Submit your website to local business directories for citations
  • Request and insist on your clients or customers write a review for your business.
  • Publish a separate website page for each geographical location of your business.
  • Optimize meta tags, meta description, meta keywords and your website page content for local search keywords
  • Use WordPress as your preferred Content Management System (CMS)
  • WordPress is the most used platform for websites as compared to Drupal or Joomla. It has incredible features and most importantly no coding knowledge is essential.
  • Anyone can straightaway start using this WordPress content management system. This is the main use of it. It is free software and can be downloaded at Generally, it comes free along with all web hosting service providers.
The main benefits of WordPress platform are:
  • Writing and publishing content/articles is easy
  • It has SEO friendly permalinks
  • No coding language knowledge is essential
  • RSS feed stands for Really Simple Syndication. They improve SEO by sending your content to a feed directory with a link coming back to your website
  • Great support through forums and blog post articles
  • It has an infinite number of free and paid plugins
  • In WordPress, you can ping new articles or posts
  • Images can be optimized for SEO purposes
  • Create categories and tags for a user-friendly experience
  • Easy submission of Google sitemaps
  • Your website can be linked directly to your Google Analytics account and Google Adwords account

Set up a Google Analytics Account

Now as you have done all the hard work as mentioned above now it’s time to assess the result of your internet marketing efforts.

The first thing your business needs to do is set up a Google Analytics Account.

Website analysis should be the core of your digital marketing strategy.

Google analytics account summarizes complete details of your website traffic, reach, search, indexability, audiences, crawl status sitemap errors, structured data and much more.

It will take some time for you to understand the technicalities and jargons used.

You can visit helpful resources from Google to understand them.

Now you can analyze your website traffic its source, paid or organic search, geographical locations, mobile or desktop visitors, and many more useful reports.

You have the option to create your own customized reports.

If you have not yet started with this free tool from Google, please start right now!

To implement the above recommendations take the help of the best SEO company in Mumbai.

There are various key performance indicators (KPI’S) to look for.

By understanding how your website is performing in Google Search you can have a better digital marketing plan which can help you in improving your page rank efforts.

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prashaant kd

Prashaant KD, Founder & Principal Consultant, brings 10+ years of experience (agency and in-house) with extensive knowledge of search engines from optimizing websites during his career.

He is also an accomplished blogger who has contributed to a multitude of authoritative blogs on the topics of SEO, Social Media Inbound Marketing and E-commerce.

He has experience in leading and training staff on Sales & Marketing, Content Writing, E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and SEO best practice to help companies realize their full website traffic and revenue potential.


Online Sales Generation Guide

How to convert leads to sales?

Online Sales generation guide every digital marketer is looking for. It is every corporate prime goal.

Sales organization are trying to leave no stone behind to conquer the potential sales prospects through leads generated from various sources. 

online sales generation strategy

Sales Strategy

Corporates have to carefully analyze and scrutiny all the leads generated.

digital marketing services in goregaon

digital marketing services

I will share with you some effective sales generation process to follow in 2018. With proper Lead Management strategy, given below are some basic steps to follow for effective results.

Filter your leads

Your sales team has to filter all the leads generated by various sources.

It can be both online and offline but every Lead has to be checked carefully to get maximum closures.  The team should analyze and understand that all leads are not equally important. 

A systematic ranking process has to be made so that you can target the leads with the maximum prospects of closure. 

Digital marketing from seo agency in andheri

Sales strategy 

Your sales team has to devote their time and efforts for qualified leads. The other prospective leads had to be nurtured and closed in the future depending on their assessment.

Local Marketing

There is a bigger target audience at a local level and ensure to spend some time in understanding the regional pattern.

How your prospective clients share their content or do shopping. Lead generation is an ongoing process.

The sales team has to know the process followed in the past to generate the leads to determine the best process.

The above process applies to both local & international markets.

Cost and Time involved in lead processing

The sales team has to work on priority basis assigning the leads according to their merits.

Departmental budgetary resources should be allocated with proper planning, research and management of your sales force

Lead Assistance

In lead assistance, prospects visit your website for various reasons such as getting information about the product & service or educating. Here comes the role of the sales team in guiding people not purely from the point of view of making the sales.

These potential visitors in the future may turn out to be your customers this is the best way to nurture your leads.

Such type of leads validation can help you to convert them into sales. Who are not willing to buy presently but intending to get any information and may purchase your goods or services in future. 

One of the major myth with marketers is that all these types of leads may turn into sales.

But one has to evaluate them and all such leads may not turn into sales and hence they have to save their valuable resources.

Referrals Management

Referrals are the lifeline of any business. It is one of the sources of a positive conversion compared to cold leads. 

The sales team should give equal importance to the opportunity. Arising from referrals of past existing clients and their business networks.

Advocate and practice great customer service

A good customer service is the lifeline of any business. 

Customer service is a major source of generating future sales.   A company with a good after Sales Service is regarded with high rankings in the industry and with their clients.

Therefore utmost care must be taken for the client servicing.  These happy and satisfied clients may refer you to others prospects in the industry.  

They will be your goodwill ambassadors in present and future. 

Sometimes it pays well to the sales team if they go out of the scope to service their clients it may be by anyway.

For example, the use of the product, technical know-how, or enquiring market-related information.

The given above face are some examples of how small and medium-sized businesses can leverage their digital marketing efforts.

Without any additional cost, they can focus on their regular business. Generate the maximum results from online leads.

The above process does not involve the use of expensive Technologies all apps they can do it at minimal cost.

Given below is a checklist of a few things by which you can have a greater impact on the digital marketing strategy.

Make optimized website

Do some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) get your website listed in Google, Bing and other major search engines.


Create a social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Have a dedicated email account for your sales leads with a dedicated telephone number for receiving queries.

Create a regular blog post also know that all your content writing should not be clear from the point of view of making sales.

You should write contents to educate inform and make aware your website visitors of the latest development in your industry. 

This is the best way to be in contact and keep your visitors engaged with your company.

The whole idea is to keep them returning to your website for any information, knowledge or Support.
If you have a decent budget then you can think of hiring a full-time digital marketing agency or consultant.

To help you in achieving your goals. Digital marketers have specialized knowledge in the domain and their services are invaluable.

Today it is not technically feasible for your sales team to reach each and every one of your potential prospects in different parts of the world. Through your vibrant website and online presence, you can reach out to your prospects easily. 

So make a responsive website, social profile and good content to make a way you are clients about your products and services.


If you have not started your digital marketing presence it is the right time now. 

Take the first step in this regard if you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of digital marketing.

You can take the help of your friends, relatives or Digital marketer in this regard.

Your digital marketing efforts will surely have a greater impact on your total sales effort. 

If you want further details or discuss your company’s online / internet marketing strategy, please feel free to call us at +91-8879181833 or write us at